At Celestial Scoop, our mission is simple.

We strive to provide the Kootenay region with delicious dairy-free desserts, as well as the Nelson core an alternative café you can eat at or even just go for a coffee if you have very specific allergens to watch out for or health concerns.

That is why we not only have a little retail café in the heart of Nelson, but we also provide pints of our ice cream as well as wholesale buckets for local grocery stores and ice cream parlors/restaurants!

Dairy free ice cream has been available in the form of imported goods for some time now, thanks to brands like Coconut Bliss and So Delicious (owned by Danone), but nothing says we can't produce our own and market it here in the Kootenays, providing jobs for the local workforce, and generating local economic activity though daily operations.

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Not only can you find our ice cream in grocery stores, but you can inquire about ordering it for your business as well!

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